some days it was no man's land
the smell of death omnipresent
the soil like carthage,
the rains like the dead sea

when the war was won, life returned
beetles crawling from discarded cannons
corpses corroding into compost
concave trenches finally collapsing

but without the light
only vines and brown grasses prospered
there were no trees. no foliage.
no flowers.

and yet
with you, i find more than just survival
with your sun the skies break apart
blinding yet beautiful as the clouds crack
a clean deluge, a splendid sunshower
the blood, the bones, the bodies
the gunpowder, the gas, the guns
they're all washed away
buried in the trenches they came from

in their place, a vivid verdant green above all
chartreuse, viridian, olive, emerald
the canopy of the clouds no longer, in their place
the fields of alsace, of verdun
of the rhine
with your smile, the war is over
with your kindness, the poppy fields may bloom

beautiful scars
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