i dream of us both, a tight embrace

arms interlocked, bodies face to face

my eyes on yours, yours deep into mine

you’re holding me tight, and soon i find

it hurts.

tighter you squeeze, as our muscles tear

i beckon you near, my thoughts impaired

soon my bones break, or merely bend

the pain, infinite, and soon you’ll rend

me unconscious.

without words, it’s entirely clear

that it’s only your distance i fear

tighter you pull, forever i’m held

until wet flesh and dry bone do meld

with yours, growing ever tighter

the pain sprinting through us like lightning

closer, closer, my body demands

until we’re ruled by nature’s command

united, despite what they had planned

but it’s not enough.

my bones are brittle yet unbroken.

my heart is rattled but unshaken.

i’m still alone.

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