rose's edgy poetry she reposted from her tumblr.

all this shit is gonna be a bit awkward to move over but this was all originally on my tumblr so it is kind of a weird thing to just put it in plain text or whatever. anyway here it all is i guess? i'll try to make it not all bleed together but i cannot guarantee any kind of order to the chaos.

update 2020-08-22 04:36- content warnings are now by poem, and each poem has its own page. you can now browse with safety.

thanks c:

goodbye to alsace-lorraine - 2020-10-16

content warnings for: allusions to past violence, human remains. not particularly gruesome by any means


sicilian bull - 2020-09-27

content warnings for: metaphorical gore(?) idk what to call it but it is kind of fucked up


a testament to the ten dollar knife from walmart - 2020-09-20

content warnings for: self-harm


one in a dozen - 2020-3-29

content warnings for: trans girl angst, dysphoria


see blue, sea green - 2020-3-12

content warnings for: n/a


sagittarius a - 2020-3-10

content warnings for: abuse (vaguely alluded to)


red flag - 2020-2-5

content warnings for: violence


on flight - 2020-1-27

content warnings for: dissociation


contact - 2020-1-22

content warnings for: unhealthy relationships, isolation, gore


so close, so far - 2020-01-21

content warnings for: dysphoria, body horror.


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