rose's edgy stories she (probably) reposted from her tumblr.

okay so these are in a similar vein (for the most part) to my poetry, but they're longer and are a different kinda form? i dunno. that said,

update 2020-08-22 04:47- stories, like poetry, are now properly placed in their own pages and labelled. browse safely!

thanks c:

unnamed commission - 2021-1-28

content warnings: body horror, light gore


spite and nothing more - 2020-12-21

content warnings: su*cide, funerals


ellesmere island - 2020-03-04

content warnings: su*cide


ghost house 2020-03-01 (needs revision)

content warnings: loss, dysphoria, trans angst


reassurance - 2020-02-07

content warnings for: body horror


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