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2020-12-22 00:42 EDT

wow this has been a long time coming. some of the stuff i posted today has been sitting untouched since august. i'm not going to bother anyone with my tales of misery and inability to type or whatever, but know that this stuff came out, uh, about as soon as i could get it. (i have not slept in forty hours as of writing this. i fucking hate HTML.) there are two things i wanna cover in this post: a guide to the new stuff i've posted, and an extremely blurry roadmap for the future.
ok number one. i've posted three sets of things here. my old scrapped drafts for contact binary, which i plan on reworking in the semi-distant future; a short story i wrote recently, which is very heavy and something i might want to elaborate upon in the future; and imminent collision, my chapter-by-chapter space opera / romantic tragedy. all of these can be accessed via the new and revamped very pretty stories page.please read my things thank you!
number two: what i'm trying to do in the future is to continue getting SOME stuff out semi-regularly. i am going to make myself figure out RSS soon, and that can be used to like. easily know when i write shit without having to stalk my twitter feed. until then, however, please follow me on twitter haha.
anyway. uh. thanks for reading. love y'all. i might say more stuff on twitter later.

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