2020-09-12 06:16

oh come on you all expected me to disappear some more. i have the quintessential excuse, though: i've started college. yeah, i know, wild stuff. dunno why i'm operating under the assumption that this site has any consistent visitors that don't know me personally, but, uh, oh well.

anyway. i've written a new essay. i think i actually have technically posted two since the last news update?? wild. you should check those out at their page that i recently reformatted. read the content warnings though.

more cobi stuff soon. no promises on when. peace out.

2020-08-22 04:48

Wow, it sure has been twelve days! Kinda fucked up that one, huh. Regardless, here's a news update! I went through the poetry and stories pages and gave each work its own page, as well as its own individual, more specific content warnings. This should make the site easier and safer to browse.

In addition, I'm posting a new branch excerpt from Contact Binary immediately after writing this post. Expect a proper synopsis as well as ~beta art~ in the future. I might even upload a music track or two! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

2020-08-10 20:31

New update! I've posted the first of the Contact Binary branch previews, as voted upon by Twitter. Coincidentally, it's both the shortest of the bunch AND the one I'm least proud of, but such is life. I should have expected it to win; how could anyone turn down "sailormoon.txt." Anyway, I've also remodelled the site! It should now be a bit more legible overall. There's also a new secret... can you find it? Anyway, all new CoBi stuff will be accessible from its hub page.

2020-07-30 03:09

I absolutely shouldn't be up this late, but I'm letting y'all know that my new fic has launched and will be updating near-daily for a week or so before being completed! You can find a link on my fics page, and in the future commentary will be present as well. I've written the whole thing already, but I'm drip-feeding it out so that I can get more attention. Yes, really, I am that starved for praise. In addition, I'd like to announce a new little thing I'll be doing here: I'll be doing weekly info posts about my upcoming Twine story, Contact Binary. It's a thing about sad lesbians in space, and in the future I'll elaborate. Said info posts will contain beta writing excerpts, art bits, and maybe even music tracks! They'll go here once a week or so, starting at some point in the next few days. Stay tuned!

I also plan on getting an RSS feed set up for this page! All future site updates will be catalogued here, so you'll be able to subscribe to it and know whenever I post a new thing. Thanks for following!

2020-07-26 22:50

hey everyone! if you're reading this, chances are you're one of the people who is seeing this website and *doesn't* know me personally. even the thought of that is kind of fucking astounding? anyway, this is just a brief acknowledgement of all the people who have visited the site!

honestly though this blows my fucking mind. like i get almost none of these people actually give a shit but FUCK dude! fuck!

isn't that shit fucking crazy. this is also basically a "wow, one thousand visits post," except, uh...

rounding is for cool people only

yeah, close enough i guess.

2020-7-29 02:03 update: nearly fifteen hundred views! crazy.

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