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one more night(your ex-lover remains dead) [new]

To quote so many, "XYZ deserved better." XYZ in this case is Jasprose, everyone's favorite catgirl. June and Jasprose work through some fucking capital-I Issues in this thing. Some other characters guest feature in some chapters. Published in full on 2020-08-07.
Fuck, I'm proud of this one. A problem in the fanfiction community that I've noticed is the overwhelming, well, lack of maturity in relationship stories. That's fine, for the most part; not everything has to be nitty gritty! However, I found myself wanting a more concrete approach to a more "fluffy" Homestuck relationship. This applied to my overall view of Jasprose both in canon and the community as well; she was treated as a wacky goofy character, despite being one of three and a half survivors of a dead timeline, immediately after watching her girlfriend die. So, uh, I wrote about it! You can read it. The link's right there.

The Annoyingly Delicate Process Of Courting A Breath Player

Sitcom-level romantic unawareness compounds on various insecurities in this June-centric fic. Watch in sheer misery as Rose and Kanaya fail to woo June (until they don't!) Currently on hiatus.
Writing this one's actually been a bit of a challenge! Throughout this fic are characters I've actually never written before, which obviously lends to that; however, my main struggle is just the drive to keep creating. It's rough out here, folks.

The Egbert Report

It's basically just MBMBaM with June and Kanaya, I won't lie. I make fun of Dirk in this one! Published in full on 2020-01-08.
This is the only thing I've written that I would genuinely consider to be pure fluff. A friend of mine mentioned how June and Kanaya would absolutely have a podcast together, and I was totally inspired. (That same friend actually came up with the title.) Of course, I couldn't help myself from making it June/Rosemary, and I quickly had the idea to add Dave for much of it. This whole "podcast" was basically just comfort food for me to write. It doesn't have much real value, but it was helpful in convincing people of the merit of Junemary!

Still Awake on a Thursday Night

The only fanfic I've ever written that doesn't contain June! Rose and Dave have a chat about being gay, except Dave hasn't quite accepted that yet. Published in full on 2019-10-21.
This one was a bit rough, because I've never really struggled with my sexuality the way Dave does here. I had to sort of.... transmute my trans identity feelings into sexuality ones, and then push them onto someone who lacked the emotional intelligence to understand it all. My writing process is really egocentric, by the way. In case you hadn't noticed.

Last One Asleep's A Cracked Egg

The fic that got me into writing Homestuck stuff into the first place. John and Rose talk about gender and sexuality. Takes place after Pesterquest Volume Four. Published in full on 2019-10-07.
This one pretty much directly parallels an experience I had as kid. The difference between my rants about gender and John's rant about gender was that I didn't exactly have a Rose Lalonde with me to explain it all. I had to end up doing that myself. Insert some sort of joke about my kin bullshit here.
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