essays of various seriousness. it's up to you to determine how genuine i'm being.

look out for the content warnings. as always, they're no joke.

hemodiluvian - 2020-09-12 - CW: self-harm, dissociation, s*icidality, transphobia


This was originally formulated in my head about ninety minutes ago as a poem. Didn't end up that way. The tags really aren't kidding around there, by the way.

on mint leaves and spider bites - 2020-08-24 - CW: depression; dysphoria, abuse, and anxiety mentions


Wow, this one got depressing as fuck, didn't it? Didn't really intend for it to go that way. Wanted more of a sardonic vibe, criticizing myself for taking what scraps of happiness I could, but said scraps quickly evaporated and I was left only with pessimism. What fun I must be to talk to!

jim davis, the deity creator - 2018-1?-?? - CW: blasphemy i guess


I actually wrote this one for school, believe it or not. My teacher adored it to the extent of reading it aloud not just my class but also some other class. I would have gotten a one hundred, but alas, I failed to self-reflect as required by the rubric. I settled with a ninety-five. Shoutouts to Ms. Nap, if she's somehow reading this.
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