temporary FAQ about thing. at some point i will make this look nicer but dog this shit is in the pre-pre-alpha phase and i am NOT vibing with writing any more shit right now.

so what the hell is this thing, anyway?

glad you asked. contact binary is a hypertext narrative about two sad girls just out of neptune's orbit falling in love.

what the fuck is a hypertext narrative?

rolling out one excellent and kindly worded question after another. hypertext narratives are essentially webpages turned stories. in contact binary's case, you pick one of two paths at the start, and then are repeatedly given the ability to branch off and read scraps about the world these girls live in. then, once you're done, you go back and read the main story. the branches are entirely optional, and you can read as many or as few as you want.

wow that sounds really cool. you're so smart. maybe you should tell me more about the setting and the characters, you know, like any sane person would have done immediately?

yeah fair enough. there are two characters: nevada ando and asya zubkova. they are both exiles from the dystopian anarcho-capitalist solar system they're bound to, one in which earth is mostly fucked. they're drifters, pilots who simply skid along in space with minimal power usage in order to preserve what few credits they have. their days stretch on into oblivion as they are isolated from the worlds around them. it kind of fucking sucks. eventually, they get within comms range, and they get to talking. you can see where this is going. it's gay. it gets gay. and even more political.

how complete is this?

fuck dude i dunno

when is this coming out?

fuck dude i dunno

where can i see more of contact binary-related stuff?

fuck dude i- oh, wait, no, i know that one. right here! i post branches "weekly" (author's note: weekly means "whenever i fucking feel like it") on the cobi home page. follow me on twitter @rosemarinae to get tweets whenever i actually do the thing. okay that's it bye
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