Greetings! This wonderful collection of HTML files is essentially just an incredibly informal portfolio slash vanity site. If you're interested in that sorta thing, you have my deepest thanks. Truly, it is an honor to have even a scrap of interest thrown my way. Your contribution to my ego has not gone unnoticed.


my "work," categorized

all contact binary stuff. this is, like, my main project!

fanfic links, for if you're too lazy to sort through my AO3 (and also if you want my cool and epic thoughts)

poetry, because sorting through tumblr is a nightmare

essays, of various levels of quality and comedy

stories/longer fiction pieces. i dunno they don't always have narratives so it feels weird to call them stories y'know

my new alternate history map stuff! anarchist united states stuff.

my non-cartography, non-contact binary art